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Mobile home residents in Morro Bay are back to square one following Friday's storm

Posted at 9:35 AM, Mar 12, 2023

Silver City West mobile home park is no longer under an evacuation warning. The City of Morro Bay says residents can begin to return to their homes, but now comes the cleanup after a second flood.

“Pretty upset and devastated that it happened the second time, exactly to the date two months ago," said resident Caroline Lewis.

Residents of the mobile home park spent the last two months recovering from the January 9th storm.

“We just got everything cleaned up. We're going to put skirting on the mobile and then the mud came again," said Lewis.

They're now reliving the nightmare.

Roads going through the Silver City West mobile home park turned from asphalt to complete mud.

Piles of debris are also left behind.

Residents spent their Saturday shoveling and power-washing the mud from around their homes.

Lewis said she has been living in the mobile home park for over 20 years and has never had to experience something like this before.

“It cost us about $20,000 to do everything that needs to be done. Well, we're back to square one," added Lewis.

“It only got to maybe eight inches where I'm at now. Last time, it was up maybe 16. However, the people on the side of the creek really got hit hard," said Paul Abrahms, Silver City West resident.

The City of Morro Bay said in a press release that the cleanup of Main Street will take about two to three days then cleanup efforts will move to Errol Street and Preston Lane.

Debris bins on Preston Lane are currently available to local residents to dispose of flood-damaged items only. City staff will monitor these bins each day at noon.