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More lawsuits filed against the City of Pismo Beach alleging injuries caused by playground slides

Frederick Law Firm said they have filed 20 lawsuits over the last year from both locals and tourists related to injuries from the iconic slides by the playground.
Posted at 7:36 PM, Aug 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-10 22:36:12-04

It is hard to miss the concrete slides located by the playground at Pier Plaza, which many see as a shortcut to paradise.

“Just the speed and the fast air going by your face,” said Jacob Ramos, who stopped by Pismo Beach to enjoy the playground with his father.

An attraction popular among kids and adults even if they get a scrape in the process.

“I have a previous injury, and I did put my arm down at some point and it may have cut open a little more,” said James Meier, who was visiting from Riverside County. “I would do it again and again and again; it was fun for the kids and that’s all that matters.”

For some, the final drop can be quite painful.

Frederick Law Firm said they have filed 20 lawsuits over the last year from both locals and tourists related to injuries from the iconic slides by the playground.

The law firm shared a video of one of their clients, Tara Rodman, who allegedly suffered a fractured tailbone back in Sept. 2020 after going down the slide.

“There are more people that have gotten injured,” said attorney Jacqueline Frederick. “In our firm alone, we have 22 cases, most are adults, although we do have two children: an 8 year-old and a 10 year-old.”

The playground area at the Pier Plaza in Pismo Beach opened back in 2020 as part of a revitalization project for the city.

Frederick Law Firm is representing the alleged victims claiming negligence, liability, and dangerous condition of public property in a majority of the lawsuits.

KSBY dove into seven of the lawsuits and all off them assert people received the same type of injuries.

“Plaintiff’s intended use of the Slides propelled her in such a manner as to cause her to forcefully impact the landing area of the slide on her buttocks and lower back, causing severe and persistent injury,” as quoted in all seven lawsuits.

There are currently two warning signs posted by the slides.

“All playground equipment does come some risk. It's just being safe and being under control,” said Matt Garza, who took his children to Pismo Beach. “It's kind of just watching your children. There's warnings everywhere.”

The signs explain the slides are designed for children between five and 12 years-of-age.

“There was the first accident and the city was put on notice and they did take some action, they put up these relatively small signs,” added Frederick.

Most of the defendants declined to comment, when reaching out to the city’s assistant city manager, Jorge Garcia, he issued the following response:

“The City of Pismo Beach does not comment on pending litigation.”

A similar statement from the company that reportedly manufactured the concrete portion of the slide universal precast concrete, which is “it is our policy to not comment on pending litigation.”

However, Todd Edwards, who is with the company that constructed the structure said in a statement:

“Vernon Edwards constructed the slide exactly as they were directed to do so by the City’s contract and its design. The slide was inspected by two separate firms who specialize in this type of equipment. Both inspections passed the slide and confirmed the slide could be open to the public.”

Attorney Jacqueline Frederick said they are currently in the discovery phase of the lawsuit focusing now on learning more about the companies that designed, constructed, and installed the slides.

Frederick added it could take up to two or three years to resolve these lawsuits. So far, she said none have been resolved.