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Morro Bay plans special election for June 2022 to replace late councilman

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Posted at 11:52 AM, Sep 24, 2021
and last updated 2022-03-02 17:15:38-05

We may have just finished one election, but Morro Bay is already gearing up to hold another special election next year.

The city will be holding a special election to replace a city council member who passed away this summer. The election will be part of the California Primary.

Morro Bay City Councilman Red Davis passed away in July. On Sept. 14, the council appointed Jennifer Ford as interim council member until the special election next year.

Ford says waiting to hold that election until June 2022 will save the city around $80,000.

“So we're saving our money, we're being more fiscally responsible in that in that aspect. And so, and for those who are out there who want to run for this position, it gives you some additional time to prepare for that so it's really, I feel, a win overall for everyone,” Ford said.

The city says holding the election in June during the California Primary will save money and give people more opportunity to run for office.

The late councilman would have finished his term in 2024, so whoever is elected in June will fill the seat until then.

The city told KSBY that holding an election independent of a county or state election makes the process more complicated.

Councilwoman Ford said the three major challenges the city is facing are deciding what to do with the old power plant stacks, helping people through the pandemic, and creating more affordable housing in Morro Bay.

Regarding a run for the office, Ford said it is yet to be decided, but she does have plans to run.