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Morro Bay residents, visitors find ways to cool down on an unusually warm day

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Posted at 6:47 PM, Jun 16, 2021

Some places across the Central Coast aren't as used to the hot temperatures as others. That's especially true for coastal communities like Morro Bay.

The manager at Sun-n-Buns in Morro Bay says they typically sell more coffee than ice cream but during the unusually hot weather on Wednesday, ice cream was the star.

Meanwhile, residents and visitors did their best to stay out of the sun and keep cool.

"Had a very nice lunch downtown in an air-conditioned restaurant and just had some ice cream so that's sorta fitting the bill on a very hot day," visitor Bob Jensen said.

Jensen and his wife say they were trying to escape the heat on the Central Coast.

"We decided, since this was forecasted to be the hottest day, we'd come to Morro Bay and expecting it to be cooler," Jensen said.

He was surprised Morro Bay wasn't that much of a relief.

Resident Melanie Burgees says most people that live around Morro Bay don't typically have air conditioning in their homes, making the hot weather a bit of a hassle.

"I can't imagine, even walking up that ramp right there to go to my car a minute ago just took my breath right away," Burgees said.

To avoid heat-related injury, doctors at Tenet Health advise people to stay hydrated, stay cool, and most importantly be cautious and watch for signs of heat illness.

"Some of the first symptoms include some nausea, feeling very hot, flushed, and lightheaded. If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, you want to get to a cool area," said Dr. Kathyrn Haran, Tenet Health ER physician.

She adds another option that doesn't include going to an emergency room is Telehealth. People can meet with an ER physician and ask any questions from home.

Health officials also advise people to drink at least 8 glasses of water on warmer days.