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Mower blamed for sparking weekend fire in Los Alamos

Posted at 9:45 AM, Sep 30, 2020

Investigators say a mower sparked a fire that broke out in Los Alamos over the weekend.

The Alamos Fire burned an estimated 6.5 acres after breaking out Saturday around 3 p.m. below the SkyView Motel in Los Alamos, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire.

Guests were evacuated as the fire moved uphill, but firefighters stopped the flames just before they reached the motel.

Fire officials say one person was cited for operating a mower in dry vegetation and burning land that is not their own.

Santa Barbara County Fire offers the following safety tips for operating equipment in wildland areas:

  • Never use mowers with metal blades in dry vegetation, use weed trimmers with nylon string.
  • Mow before 10 am, and never mow during critical weather conditions.
  • Ensure your tractor, mower, and equipment is equipped with an approved spark arrestor.
  • Have a water extinguisher and 46 inch round tip shovel readily available.
  • Keep a phone nearby to call 911 in case of an emergency.