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Multiple shipments of new iPhone 13s reported stolen at local UPS location

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jan 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-10 22:34:44-05

Two San Luis Obispo County residents expecting the new Apple iPhone 13 to arrive, found out their phones were stolen prior to delivery.

“I ordered it and it was due for delivery December 7th and then the whole mystery started happening,” said Avila Beach resident Pete Howard.

“To track it, it said it was at the San Luis Obispo [UPS] distribution center. I went there the next day and they told me right there that my phone was stolen,” said Atascadero resident Michael Mudgett.

Howard and Mudgett both ordered the Apple iPhone 13 and had them shipped twice, only to find out their phones ended up in the wrong hands each time.

“UPS came out with the bad news and said they had been stolen internally. They were very candid with me,” Howard said.

“They said to me that they have had a problem in their distribution center, they are aware of it, that people’s packages are being stolen,” Mudgett said.

Howard decided not to file a police report, but Mudgett did and his report is still under investigation.

“It is UPS locally that has a problem that they need to address,” Mudgett said.

“Both Apple and UPS, I have no complaints about their customer service as they’ve been very nice to me,” Howard added.

The frustration continues to mount for both as they wait with no immediate answer in sight.

“I have three kids' birthdays coming up in mid-January. The camera on my iPhone 6 is bad so I wanted to get this in time,” Howard said.

“I’m sure it happens all over the place, but right now, it’s affecting San Luis Obispo County residents,” Mudgett said.

The San Luis Obispo Police Department is investigating the situation.

KSBY reached out to UPS but did not receive a response. The local distribution center said it had no comment.