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Neighbors share experience witnessing deadly shooting in San Luis Obispo

Posted at 11:27 PM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-12 02:45:39-04

Neighbors off Camellia Court are sharing more about what they experienced during the deadly exchange between law enforcement and Edward Zamora Giron.

Some neighbors now say they feel lucky they weren't shot as well, as the shootout spans far beyond the apartment where the incident took place.

"I just never thought that this would happen," neighbor Murlene LaJoie said as she surveys the damage in her cul-de-sac.

Two SLOPD officers were shot while serving a search warrant off Camellia Court.

"There was the first shot and I saw a hat that one of the officers was wearing just fly off his head and then the shooting began," LaJoie said.

Authorities say Detective Luca Benedetti was killed.

Detective Steve Orozco is expected to recover from his injuries.

Suspected shooter Edward Zamora Giron was found dead following the incident.

Gunfire from the exchange made its way throughout the cul-de-sac

"I was worried about a stray bullet and it was good to be worried because one of my neighbors had a bullet go through their window! So I kept my head down when the firing got really intense," neighbor Jordan Braly said.

Neighbors say there were several moments of uncertainty where it was unclear if the suspected shooter was on the loose.

"I closed my windows so nobody could get in because I thought he was on the run," LaJoie said.

"It looked like he got the two cops [from my vantage point], so I was worried he was going to make a getaway or entrench himself in one of the apartments and maybe there would be a hostage situation. These are the types of things that are going through your head when you're not sure what's going on," Braly said.

Now 24 hours later, with the neighborhood secure, neighbors are able to start processing what happened.

"It was definitely jarring and a very very sad moment for our community," Braly said.

Maintenance crews could be seen making repairs to Giron's apartment and neighboring units Tuesday. While this area may be getting repaired, several families are now broken following this incident.