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New Caltrans app feature aimed at making travel planning easier

Posted at 8:10 PM, Aug 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-22 02:29:19-04

Caltrans has a new feature on its QuickMap mobile app aimed at helping drivers on the road.

The new feature lets drivers know about nearby road closures, emergencies, and other critical traffic updates in real-time.

Caltrans said they recommend the new notification feature on their QuickMap app to make travel planning easier.

“When you the traveler or when your device is within ten miles of a road closure or other traffic-related event a pop message will pop up on your phone," said William Arnold, Caltrans media relations manager.

This new feature gives commuters a more accessible option.

“I used to commute from San Miguel to Morro Bay, and so I usually checked Twitter updates local Caltrans or Facebook news sites," said Morro Bay resident, Klista Shaban.

The added layer to travel planning gives drivers real-time information based on their current location and includes the time and location of the closure, as well as the reason for the incident.

“They help a lot because we always plug in where we're going destination to into Waze or MapQuest to get the shortest route, but they always alert you when there’s a problem," explained San Luis Obispo resident, John St. John.

“It's great I would have definitely used it, I definitely would have downloaded the first day it was available when I had my commute," said Shaban.

Caltrans said the QuickMap app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, it’s also available on their website.