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New coffee giant moves into Arroyo Grande

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Posted at 6:27 PM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 22:14:21-05

In Arroyo Grande, Grand Avenue is home to seven different coffee shops including two Starbucks, a Dutch Bros Coffee, Red Dirt Coffee House, Tribe Café, Banner Coffee Company, and Coffee Express.

They offer a mix of big chains and mom-and-pop shops.

Despite their proximity, owners of both large and small shops say there is enough room for everyone.

Nicole Birmingham, Regional Operator for Dutch Bros Coffee said, “We have a coffee shop/drive-thru. Currently, the coffee house is closed. I feel like there’s always enough to go around. I love visiting other coffee shops.”

Amy Pinkerton, owner of Tribe Coffee House, agreed.

"People who are in a rush are always going to go to a drive-thru but we cater more to people who want to make a connection with each other and with us,” she said.

Dutch Bros opened Monday, and while their brick-and-mortar shop was closed to the public, their double-laned drive-thru had a line around the premises.

Hannah, a coffee drinker and resident of Pismo Beach, observed, “Starbucks and Dutch Bros compensate for the late-night hours. A lot of mom-and-pop shops close early in the afternoon. I think it kind of adds variety.”

The new Dutch Bros Coffee shop located at 1259 East Grand Avenue is the company’s 446th location.