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Oceano residents take to the streets to rally in favor of Measure A-20

Posted at 3:58 PM, Jan 11, 2020

Some Oceano residents lined streets in red shirts and help up red signs that read "Yes on A-20" in support of their current fire and emergency services.

The Oceano 911 Committee hosted a rally at Triangle Park Saturday to support Measure A-20 which if approved, would tax residents for continuous medical and fire services from the Five Cities Fire Authority in the Oceano area.

Currently both Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach pay more for the service than Oceano.

The Oceano Community Services District says $15 a month would be added on to property taxes for people in Oceano to keep the Five Cities Fire service.

The tax measure could bring in nearly $400,000 a year which would keep full time staffing and help pay for new equipment, according to CSD officials.

A lack of funding has forced the Five Cities Fire Authority station within the community to close several times due to staffing shortages as the current funding structure doesn't allow for enough full time employees.

On Monday, Grover Beach City Council members passed a resolution in support of the measure increasing the amount Oceano contributes.

Some community members are hesitant about adding another tax, but others argue the alternatives could be even more expensive.

In order for the ballot measure to pass, it requires 2/3 vote from the community during the primary election on March 3rd.