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Paso Robles City Council votes on future of nearly 1,300-unit housing development

Posted at 10:53 AM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 13:53:32-05

The Paso Robles City Council approved the Olsen-South Chandler Ranch Project at their meeting Thursday night.

The Olsen-South Chandler Ranch project has been an idea for the city of Paso Robles for over a decade.

Despite facing initial concerns over traffic, water, and air pollution, the project was approved by the city's planning commission less than a month ago, meaning the development needed a final decision on its future from the city council.

The project's manager believes the Olsen-South Chandler Ranch project is one the community supports.

"We think that we delivered a project that's good for Paso Robles, not in our opinion, but based on all the feedback from all of the citizens. So my hope, my real hope is that people here like what we did and that's the type of developer we want to be," said Mike Naggar, Olsen-South Chandler Project Manager.

The development is planned to bring more than just housing to Paso.

The project also has plans for a public elementary school and amenities like a community building and recreation center.

Developers say these additions could even lead to more jobs in the area.

"As this project builds out over the next seven to ten years, it's going to provide a lot of jobs and so economic development is really going to increase by virtue of this project," Naggar said.

The total cost of this construction isn't going to be cheap. It's expected to cost the developer around $50 million.

The homes in this project could be ready for move-in as soon as the summer of 2021.