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Paso Robles High School works with students and staff to come up with plan after a string of anti-LGBTQIA incidents

Students organized Coming Out Against Hate event as Paso Robles High School in October
Posted at 11:22 AM, Nov 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-18 14:22:07-05

Students at Paso Robles High School held the coming out against hate event in October where they could speak and share.

Principal Anthony Overton explained, “So from our from our event that our students so bravely put on, we've worked with them, met with them several times and we're continuing to meet with them to identify kind of key areas to help improve here at Paso Robles High School.”

The school brought in fourteen students of who spoke at the event and a representative from the GALA pride and diversity center.

“Some actions we're taking more immediately are definitely around the restroom and changing area safety. We've met with students and they'll be measured by creating some additional spaces so students can feel comfortable,” said Overton.

They have several curriculum changes in the works including teacher training and opportunities for teachers to become trainers.

Principal Overton said, “We also have several staff members that have been part of our coalition, and we are looking at other opportunities to bring in more voices as we go down the journey of improving our school.”

The school is looking to implement the trainings and curriculum next semester.

“Yeah, I think the student response has been positive. We've had some difficult conversations. We're going to continue to have some difficult conversations, but it's all in the effort for growth and improvement. I hope the students are feeling supported as we move forward,” said Overton.

The principal said change doesn’t happen overnight but that they’re viewing this as a marathon, not as a sprint, and will continue improving on the culture for years to come.