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Paso Robles neighbors along Jardine Road demand action from city council

Posted at 11:07 PM, Jan 09, 2020

Jardine Road in Paso Robles has neighbors speaking out and demanding improvement from the city council .

Safety is their biggest concern and some say the road has not only damaged their car's windshields, headlights, and tires, but has even caused crashes.

"My concern is that some person will get hurt, if not killed," said Vanessa Harris, Jardine road resident.

The mile stretch of gravel is covered with potholes, bumps, loose asphalt, and graffiti.

Those who live by or drive on Jardine are fed up and want answers.

"This road has not been paved as far as I've lived out here for 20 years," said Ruth Swanson, Jardine Road Resident.

Swanson says her dad was driving on his way home when, "He heard like a loud explosion sound, like a big boom," Swanson said.

That's when asphalt from a passing car hit his windshield, shattering glass inside his car.

Unfortunately drivers say these incidents have become the norm on the road.

"A lot of the residents here have a lot of wear and tear on their vehicles, specifically windshields cracking, alignment issues, damage to tires and rims," said Harris.

Whether it is cars driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid potholes or children being at risk of getting hit by debris waiting to get picked from the school bus, Harris and Swanson want to see improvements.

The city says it's an expensive task and they do not have the money to fix it.

"We're working on fixing it as fast we can. There are a lot of roads in town that need to be fixed, this isn't the only one. So it's not like we're picking on the people in this neighborhood, they'll get their turn when they get their turn," said Dick McKinley, City of Paso Robles Public Works director,

McKinley says there isn't an exact date on when the road will be fixed but they are trying to work with the county to help.

If that happens the road could be paved by this summer.

Jardine Road was originally under the county's supervision until a deal with the county made it the city's responsibility.

The city says the road is falling apart because it was never built to their standards.