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Paso Robles residents concerned about traffic from proposed development

Posted at 6:43 PM, Oct 23, 2019

The Olsen-South Chandler specific plan development would bring 9,000 sq feet of commercial space, community activities, a possible school, and 1,293 new housing units to Paso Robles.

The project is located north and south of Linne Road, east of Niblick Road and extending to Meadowlark Road.

Some nearby residents say the plan would make Paso a more attractive place to live, while others aren't thrilled about the idea.

"I think it would bring a lot of noise, to be honest with you, a lot of noise, a lot of traffic, things that I moved away from," said Charles, Paso Robles resident.

Charles says if the Olsen-South Chandler plan does move forward, he would think about moving.

"I was thinking that we would be here for a long time, be able to retire here so I don't know. Right now it would be up in the air if this happens," he said.

The City of Paso Robles says they're aware of the potential traffic concerns and are working on a plan to help solve those issues.

"We anticipate that traffic is going to be a significant concern from the community and traffic is being studied. This project will be required to spend millions of dollars on improvements to the circulation system to accommodate it," said Darren Nash, Paso Robles City Planner.

Nash says a lack of housing is a big concern among city residents, and this project is a step to help address the need.

"It does help address, provide housing for the city. There's various ranges of housing types and that's what the city would like to see," Nash said.

Charles said he's going to submit his thoughts to the city and it's going to be a wait and see process on whether he decides to stay or move.

The city just released their Draft Environmental Impact Review on the project and is giving the public 45 days to submit their comments.

December 2 is the deadline for the public to submit their responses and a public hearing on the plan will likely take place early next year.