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Pedestrian killed in San Luis Obispo after Wednesday morning collision

Posted at 7:35 PM, Dec 04, 2019

San Luis Obispo Police were called out at 6:40 Wednesday morning to a pedestrian being struck on Los Osos Valley Road and Calle Joaquin in San Luis Obispo.

Investigators say the driver had a green light when the pedestrian entered the intersection.

The incident caused road closures in the area and hours of traffic backups.

"It was stopped. I was on the off-ramp for a good 15 minutes, before I made the right turn onto Los Osos Valley Road, where they had bottle-necked all the traffic into one lane," said Isaac Brown, driver.

Brown works at Wallace Home Medical Supplies, right across the street from where the collision happened.

He says Los Osos Valley Road and Calle Joaquin can be a dangerous intersection.

"The long stretch of road, people come out of these shopping centers around Costco and then they gun it to the freeway as fast as possible and it doesn't help having that double light right there," said Brown.

One woman who travels every morning in the area, says as a bicyclist she's experienced a couple of close calls with cars herself.

"They're not looking, they look one direction only and they fail to turn around the opposite direction. So if you're coming on your bike or walking from the opposite direction, you're going to get hit," said a San Luis Obispo resident.

As for the driver, police say they don’t believe alcohol, drugs, or even a cell phone were factors.

Police say it is extremely important for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians to be careful and follow the rules of the roads, especially when it's dark or during bad weather.

Police believe the pedestrian is a transient but her name has not been released.

San Luis Obispo Police encourage anyone who witnessed or has information about the investigation to call the department.