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People celebrate Memorial Day at Lake Lopez

Posted at 7:22 PM, May 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-30 02:19:41-04

Many people flocked to Lake Lopez to enjoy the three-day weekend Memorial Day brings, despite Lopez Lake announcing the closure of its boat ramp earlier this month due to record low water levels.

“I think they’re all coming out regardless of lake levels and gas and all of that I think they are still coming out for the weekend," said Lake Lopez marina store clerk, Cecile Armitage.

For Santa Maria resident Chris Fernandez and his family, it is a tradition to come to Lopez Lake every Memorial Day weekend.  

“We like to come and kick back at the lake and do a lot of finishing that’s one of the main things we do," said Fernandez.

Though the drought has brought the lake to never before seen water levels, staff say it may actually increase rentals.  

“I think it’s actually going to help us this summer because you can’t bring your personal boats out here. It’s hand launch only for canoes and kayaks, so I think people are coming to us for more rentals," said Armitage.

For others, the outdoor scenery the lake provides lures them in.

“Nature, being out in nature and beauty and also being able to do something we love. A passion for us is riding horses," said Arroyo Grande resident, Beverly Poorman.

While for many this weekend calls for spending time with family and having fun, it is also a reminder that the true celebration lies in honoring those who died serving our country.

“What it really means is honoring those who have passed and who have served our veterans. That I think is really the number one focus," said Poorman.

Marina store staff say this is the first big and busy weekend for them and the next one will be July 4th.