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PG&E staging crews for potential power outages

Posted at 6:01 AM, Jan 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-04 09:02:25-05

PG&E is preparing for the possibility of power outages as the incoming storm approaches.

The utility company says it has been staging crews to make sure they are ready to respond to any outages caused by trees or other debris that my fall onto powerlines.

Vegetation management crews have been staying busy working to remove tree limbs that are near power lines.

For those at home, PG&E has advice for what to do to be prepared for an outage and ways to stay safe if the lights go out.

“Just ensure that your cellphones and your laptop are charged ahead of time. Use generators safely, so if you are using back-up generators, just ensure that they are working properly by licensed electricians. We really encourage customers to use flashlights and not candles during an outage because candles can cause fire hazards. Also make sure you have fresh water,” said PG&E spokesperson Carina Corral.

PG&E customers can view current outages and get updates through the online outage center.

For Southern California Edison customers in southern Santa Barbara County, click here for outage information.