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Preparations begin for New Year's Eve in downtown San Luis Obispo

Posted at 11:39 PM, Dec 30, 2019

As the year and decade come to an end, many will be counting down the clock in downtown San Luis Obispo.

"It definitely gets busy, right now we have quite a few reservations in,” said Gia Yuwono, Novo office manager.

Restaurants, bars and Uber drivers say they know the crowds are coming.

"Yeah definitely, just because it's the holidays and there's a lot of people in the county and in San Luis Obispo,” said Anthony Reed, Uber driver.

Several places are pulling at all the stops to make for a great new year's celebration in San Luis Obispo.

"Two DJ's, two bar's, two dance floors, it's going to be super fun,” said Yuwono.

To make sure everything goes according to plan, the San Luis Obispo Police Department says they've beefed up patrol.

"Safety is our number one goal but at the same time we encourage people to have fun, but do it the right way,” said Bryan Treanor, San Luis Obispo Police Department Sergeant.

While there's plenty of options on where to celebrate 2020 in the city, there shouldn't be when it comes to getting home.

Treanor suggests you call someone like Anthony Reed at the end of your night.

"The rates on Uber and Lyft are more expensive on holidays, especially on New Years Eve but when you compare that to the cost of DUI it's the way to go,” said Treanor.

The San Luis Obispo Police say they'll focus on the downtown area Tuesday night, with officers patrolling on foot, bikes, and in cars.