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PRJUSD 2023 Special Election Results

Kenney Enney is running to reclaim his position and Angela Hollander has been involved with the district for years.
Posted at 8:00 PM, Apr 18, 2023

UPDATE(10:45 p.m.): The San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder's Office has updated the results of the PRJUSD special election.

In SLO County, Kenney Enney leads with 4,967 votes. Angela Hollander has 4,731 votes.

The updated vote total includes 265 votes at polling places.

Click here, for updated election results from SLO County.

Monterey County has also updated its results.

Enney received 42 votes and Hollander received 16 votes in Monterey County.

Click here, for updated election results from Monterey County.

The total vote count, including both counties, is 5,009 for Enney and 4,747 for Hollander.


Few votes separate candidates in the early results of PRJUSD special election.

Preliminary results were released Tuesday night by the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder's Office.

The number of votes released are from the vote-by-mail ballots received prior to polls closing Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Kenney Enney leads Tuesday night with 4.720 votes. Angela Hollander is right behind with 4,714 votes. This is out of the 9.498 vote-by-mail ballots returned.

Election officials will continue to count ballots returned on the day of the election or mailed in on election day.

Click here, for updated election results.

Ballots are being collected in the special election for the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (PRJUSD)

After being ousted from a spot on the PRJUSD Board of Trustees, Kenney Enney is running to reclaim his position.

"I was on the board for 60 days, I've watched the board meetings and attended board meetings for the last couple of years, and those issues are never addressed, and that's really the fault of the board," Enney said. "The board, again, should be focused on its primary mission, its core competencies, which are academics and safety."

Angela Hollander is the other name on the ballot.She has been involved with the district for years but is now looking to become a board member.

"I believe in the promise of public education. We have to educate all of our children, and it's vitally important," Hollander said. "Being a first-generation student myself [on her father's side] , I understand what families face sometimes when they're new to the community, and we have to make them feel welcomed. That's my passion. That's a passion of my family."

Officials with the County of San Luis Obispo say the special election will cost the district almost $500,000.

County election officials say they expect to have all ballots counted by mid-May.