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Protesters rally Tuesday evening outside Lucia Mar School District

Posted at 11:45 PM, Oct 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-20 02:45:51-04

Protesters of the Lucia Mar School District gathered Tuesday evening for a peaceful protest while the school board had their meeting over Zoom.

The Lucia Mar Unified School District Board trustees Don Stewart, Colleen Martin, and Dee Santos became the subjects of a recall effort by parents in the district.

“The first piece of the puzzle would be to get the school board and our school district to open up our board meetings to the public like they’re supposed to be,” said President of Central Coast Families for Education Reform, Shannon Galvan.

“All of us are really about freedom of choice. If someone wants to get vaccinated, that’s their right. If someone doesn’t want to be vaccinated, that should be their right too,” said People of Purpose organizer Chris Cucchiara.

“I have been in education for over thirty years. I taught for thirty years and have two credentials in special education, that’s my background, but now I just want to support families, free choice, and homeschooling,” said Moms for Liberty member Dawn Jackson.

With their eyes set on district employees, protesters say they feel are being restricted of their freedoms.

“They’re coming after the district employees, the teachers, the admin, the maintenance, all of them, and then they’re coming for our kids next,” said Galvan.

Lucia Mar Board member Colleen Martin said topics including vaccinations are not their decision.

“There was nothing on our agenda regarding vaccinations and of course that’s Governor Newsom’s call, that’s something we have not decreed,” said Martin.

Martin stated the board will look to continue finding ways of bringing the community together.

“We wish during this time and during the pandemic that our community could come together for a more positive feeling to help our students and kids get through these times instead of having division in our community,” said Martin.