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Recent rains could lead to California super bloom

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Posted at 6:11 PM, Mar 28, 2023

Thanks to historic rains, the state of California is alive with fresh flowers, prompting whispers of another possible super bloom.

From blanketed hills near Point Buchon to local trails like Cerro San Luis, heavy rains have pushed up new poppies and other colorful flowers.

"It’s the prettiest it's ever been. It's kind of otherworldly," described Shane Lennon, a local hiker.

According to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), while the record breaking rain helped get some new growth going, the cold winter storms may have also delayed some of the blooms.

But even with a slower start, the BLM has high hopes for peak season which starts the first week of April, predicting this year may rival previous super blooms.

"I think we’re gonna be 2017 and 2019 all over. It's really looking good," said Johna Hurl, Carrizo Plain National Monument Manager.

If you can't make the trek to some of the most popular sites in the state, there are plenty of local areas sprouting up new growth every day.

"We've seen the yellow ones, the Bermuda buttercups, and we saw a few poppies, not a ton, and some bluegrass," explained the Uribe Family. They have been doing a hike a day raising funds for the Promoting Extracurricular Activities for Kids (PEAK) program in local schools.

If you are planning on heading out to a bigger site like the Carrizo Plain National Monument, the BLM warns visitors that after rain, roads could become impassable. If you see a sign that says the road is closed, it is for a good reason so check travel advisories.

The Bureau of Land Management says it expects more blooming in the coming days as peak season hits the first week of April.

They remind people to also be respectful because some of the Carrizo Plains area is residential.