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Residents, businesses affected by ash, smoke Tuesday morning

Posted at 7:11 PM, Sep 08, 2020

People across the Central Coast woke up to ashy conditions caused by at least one major fire burning in the state.

Some say they walked outside and their decks, railings, and vehicles were completely covered with ash.

Employees at Sunset Honda in San Luis Obispo say they were shocked to see all the cars on their lot covered in ash.

"We had a car that we sold this morning. The car was in the showroom, perfect condition, we took it out and we put it under the awning and by the time we pulled it out and put it under the awning, it was already covered in ash," said sales manager David Idell.

The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) suggests people follow some precautions when dealing with wildfire ash.

For example, taking your vehicles to the car wash, which is something many people did Tuesday morning.

"We opened the door and all the ash went inside so my mom came and blew the car out and then we came here and got a car wash because it was just so dirty," said Marina Melgar.

Oceano resident Timothy Alves says seeing the ash and smoky skies hit close to home.

"Our granddaughter was up in Bass Lake over the weekend and let us know that she got out of there in time," Alves said. "She was one of the first ones that got out so we were very, very thankful for that."

Wildfire smoke and ash are expected to continue to impact air quality on the Central Coast for at least the next few days.