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Residents in Vandenberg Village do not want heroin and opioid outpatient treatment center in their community

Posted at 10:56 PM, Oct 23, 2019

Vandenberg Village residents made it very clear during Wednesday night's Vandenberg Village Association meeting that they do not want Aegis to open an outpatient treatment center for opioid and heroin addicts in the community.

Community members also wondered why Vandenberg Village was chosen in the first place as a majority of Aegis's patients live in Lompoc.

"You say there is a 25 percent from here (Vandenberg Village)... that means there is 75 percent from there (Lompoc)," said one resident. "Let's go with that percentage and put it in the location where they are at."

At least 100 people attended the meeting- many sharing the same resident's sentiment.

The Aegis treatment center in Santa Maria currently serves 476 patients of which 88 are from the Lompoc area.

Of those 88, 25% are from Vandenberg Village... meaning 75% are in Lompoc.

"Most of those people are traveling from Lompoc here, why not even make it easier for them and keep it in walking distance," said one resident.

Those in attendance also expressed their concerns about safety, traffic and the impact on businesses.

Clinical Manager for Aegis in Santa Maria Jeffrey Curtis said he lives by a treatment center and did not even know it until years later.

"I happen to live one-half mile from our treatment center in Atascadero. I've lived there for seven years. The first two years before I worked for Aegis I didn't know it existed. I don't worry about it," said Curtis.

With no decision made on the possible satellite clinic, residents hope the discussion will continue.

"I think there is hopefulness that there is a dialogue and I think that is all anyone can ask for- is that everyone is clear about what is being proposed and what the expectations are and are there better options that might better serve everybody's needs," said Carolyn Mazzeo, Vandenberg Village resident.

Aegis in Santa Maria will be holding an open house on November 15 from 2-5 p.m. so those with concerns or questions can attend.

Santa Barbara County Supervisor Joan Hartman will be holding a meeting next Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 p.m. at the Vandenberg Village Community Service to continue discussing the future of the clinic.