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Roofing businesses on the central coast see a spike in service calls following the rainy weather

Posted at 6:53 PM, Nov 29, 2019
Roofing businesses on the central coast see a spike in service calls following the rainy weather

It seems like the rain may be sticking around a little while longer, and that has some local businesses seeing an increase in calls for service.

The owner of Golden State Roofing says he has been experiencing three times as many calls the last couple of days with the first big rain of the season on the central coast.

"People put their maintenance or their roofing off until it rains...or leaks that they didn't have before pop up. So yeah my phone rings off the hook," said Christopher McCluskey, owner of Golden State Roofing.

It is a sentiment felt by many roofers in the area and the proverb when it rains it pours could not be closer to the truth.

"It all depends on the situation. Anywhere between 500 and 5000. You never know- it just depends on the situation... the severity of the leak and how long they've let the condition of the roof deteriorate before taking care of it," said McCluskey.

With the start of the chillier rainy season on the central coast some heating and cooling companies are also seeing a spike in calls, but not everyone.

"I have other people in the industry that they see a swing during this time of the year. So as far as my business is concerned I'd probably say more so during the summer time," said Ryan Cruz, owner of WAYCO Heating and Air Conditioning.

Repairmen say maintenance is of the utmost importance... especially when dealing with more extreme temperatures.

"Not everyone looks at their roof and they don't realize that everything they own is underneath that roof. So if people payed more attention to it- it would definitely help them out in the long run," said McCluskey.

According to one owner of a roofing business, they are always monitoring weather conditions to know when to anticipate more of those service calls.