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Rubber ducks discovered by multiple Atascadero students on high school campus

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Posted at 7:13 PM, Nov 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-07 22:41:02-05

Several Atascadero High School students have reported the discovery of mini rubber ducks hidden on campus.

Students and parents say they believe these rubber ducks originate from a senior prank in 2019.

"I got told that it was a senior prank," said Nevaeh Gonzalez, an Atascadero Sophomore. "They are pretty much anywhere. It could be like the girl's locker room, any classroom, grass, or tree."

"My brother Jared had a prank where he put a bunch of rubber dogs around for a senior prank," said Kendall Spencer, an Atascadero Freshman. "They're kind of everywhere. Some are hidden, some aren't."

The 2022 school year has presented Atascadero students with rubber yellow ducks across their campus.

"The first time I saw one was like a month ago, and it was just sitting in the classroom," said Avery Johnson, an Atascadero Junior. "My teacher was so confused, like, why is there a duck here?"

"It's totally bizarre," said Kodie Cooks, an Atascadero Junior. "I've been seeing these things all over campus, all over the weight room. I actually have a collection of them in my car."

"They are on the staircases at school and under bushes and stuff on the floor," said Avery Davidson, an Atascadero Sophomore.

"I've just seen around in bathrooms and classrooms," said Liam Pollington, an Atascadero Sophomore. "I see them everywhere."

Some students adopt the little rubber birds as pets.

"I took it home," said Kaylee Pettenger, an Atascadero Sophomore. "I found it under the bridge by the bleachers. I named it Bobby, and he's sitting in my room."

"I collect them," said Spencer. "I gave them away to my friends because they can't find any."

Others choose to re-hide these ducks.

"I kind of see them everywhere," said Addy Stern, an Atascadero Senior. "It's interesting to know that the tradition has gone on for so long."

With the resurgence of these ducks, a new debate is beginning as to whether or not these are the same ducks that arrived prior to the pandemic.

"I don't think it's from the senior prank of 2019," said Dane Lewis, an Atascadero Junior.

"I don't think they did either because when I was here last year, I didn't see any," said Stern. "Now, they're popping up everywhere."

"I don't know if it's from the same senior prank because I don't remember seeing these last year and the year before," said Cooks.

"I haven't seen them since this year, so I think kids are restarting it all," said Johnson.

Atascadero students tell KSBY they hope this tradition remains alive at the high school.

Despite the popularity of the ducks on campus, KSBY spoke with an administrator of the high school that said the school does not condone “pranks” due to the potential for vandalism.