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San Luis Obispo County businesses adjust to new statewide mask ordinance

Posted at 11:18 PM, Jun 19, 2020

Now that California has made face coverings mandatory outside the home, many are wondering how it will be enforced.

Most businesses in Downtown San Luis Obispo, either have signs on their doors about the state order or are asking customers to wear masks.

"Since day 1 when we opened to the public with limited capacity, we wanted to make sure to protect the public as well as protect ourselves. So we made sure that everybody that would enter our shop would wear a mask," said Christine Branco, Unique Selections owner.

Branco says she's had a mask order since her shop has been able to open and says she had to turn away customers who weren't wearing a mask or face covering.

"If we miss a sale or two, no problem that's okay. At the end of the day, your health is priceless and that's what really matters," said Branco

Other businesses in Downtown SLO like Rocket Fizz have recently put up new signs, letting customers know of the new state order.

"We're just letting customers know we have to wear masks because of COVID and we're trying to protect friends and family," said Joey Dinco, Rocket Fizz assistant manager.

At Rocket Fizz, two customers tried to come inside without a mask and Dinco had to tell them of the California mandate.

"I told them in a nice way, like hey you know we're trying to enforce this new statewide mandate and if you don't have a face covering or a mask, there are shops and local businesses that do sell them," said Dinco.

While being able to shop in your favorite stores downtown, wearing masks might be the new norm for now.

There are exemptions to the mask order which includes people who are eating or drinking at a restaurant or establishment that offers food and beverages.

As with previous state orders, San Luis Obispo County officials say they are emphasizing voluntary compliance.