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San Luis Obispo County preparing for when the Governor grants local authority, allowing the county to begin its START Guide

Posted at 12:00 AM, May 07, 2020

Phase 1 in San Luis Obispo County's START Guide can't begin this Friday, as once expected.

As of right now, the county feels it's ready for a phased re-opening, but California state orders trump local authority.

Restaurants are included in the county's Phase 1 and would've been allowed a modified re-opening.

However, business owners are now looking for answers.

"We have not gotten any information from anybody, as far as these are going to be the guidelines -- or we're thinking or going into this, or this might be the plan. We haven't heard anything from anybody yet," said Erika Elias Sandoval, Pedro's Mexican Restaurant owner.

County officials say three things need to happen to be able to move forward.

First, the state needs to lift or modify its stay at home order; second, the state needs to allow for local control; lastly, the county can then issue another executive order moving to Phase 1.

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors are preparing for the possibility of an update during Governor Newsom's press conference tomorrow and scheduled a board meeting Friday.

"We as a county have to issue another order to move forward into Phase 1 of our plan. So to do that we would have to hold a board meeting and have a vote of the board and receive a majority on the board vote, so three out of five, to move forward with that," said Lynn Compton, San Luis Obispo County District 4 Supervisor.

If Governor Newsom modifies the state's stay at home order or gives local control to San Luis Obispo County, Compton says the START Guide could be in place almost immediately, after the board of supervisor's meeting Friday.

"Saturday, or we'd be ready after the meeting on Friday actually," said Compton.

Supervisor Compton says if the county doesn't get local control or more requirements are added, she says the board of supervisor's meeting Friday will be canceled.

However, Compton adds that the board will eventually meet again to discuss the county's next steps to re-open.