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San Luis Obispo Police Department buckled up for a busy weekend

Posted at 7:39 PM, Jun 18, 2023

Many families in San Luis Obispo had a lot to celebrate this weekend with Cal Poly graduations and Father’s Day both landing on the same weekend.
That meant it was also a busy weekend for San Luis Obispo PD.

Around 50,000 visitors were expected to come into town on both Saturday and Sunday.
“We work closely with Cal Poly PD and the highway patrol and also the sheriff's office here as far as anticipating the needs. We knew we were going to generate and draw a large crowd, so we up staffed and we have our whole full motor team here," said Sergeant Evan Stradley.

It’s all part of an effort to look for things like seat belt violations, distracted driving, and drivers who may be under the influence.

“I'd say that common issue that we do see on weekends like this is we have a lot of people who are out of town and they will rely on their smartphones to get directions or call people for directions," added Stradley.

While KSBY crews were on the ride-along, Sergeant Stradley noticed a car with expired registration tags near Cal Poly.

 The resident from Lompoc, Dylan Le said the police stop served as a good reminder.

“Definitely kind of makes sure I’m more like aware and make sure I'm driving correctly along the streets, make sure my tags are up to date and stuff," said Le.

The primary areas of focus included downtown San Luis Obispo and areas surrounding the Cal Poly campus.

“It’s becoming a tradition where the bars will open at six in the morning. For example, Saturday morning, there were pre-COVID lines," explained Stradley, "We all showed up at 6 a.m. this morning and we immediately went down there and just started making sure everyone was enjoying themselves but being safe.”

Sergeant Stradley says the next big day the department is gearing up for is the Fourth of July.