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San Luis Ranch housing development pushes forward despite supply chain issues

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Posted at 5:28 PM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 22:28:06-05

Nearly two and a half years have passed since the San Luis Ranch housing development broke ground in July 2019.

The development, located off Dalidio Dr. and Froom Ranch Way in San Luis Obispo, or roughly between the city's Sprouts and Costco, has plans to bring hundreds of single- and multi-family units to the area.

On site, multi-level homes line the paved streets in various stages of completion.

Josh Bivin, the development's general manager, says the project is about 25% finished.

"We actually have residents living here," Bivin told KSBY on Wednesday. "We have closed 12 homes so far. Five or six more are scheduled to close this month."

Bivins said it will take about four more years till construction is done, noting that supply chain issues have slowed the process.

"We should realistically build these homes in about six to six-and-a-half months. It's taking closer to 10 [months] right now," Bivin said.

The supply issues have hit across the board, he said.

"It's gone from insulation to garage doors to lumber, so we really never know," Bivin said. "We get hit with something new it feels like about every couple of weeks.

When finished, there will be 198 3,200-square foot lots for single-family homes and 83 2,400-square foot lots for single-family homes, Bivins said. The development will also include 277 multi-family units.

Street names in the community include Haystack, Homestead, Harvest and Forest.

Homes in the San Luis Ranch development are sold using the city's "local preference program." The development first markets homes to people who work in the City of San Luis Obispo. After 60 days, they market to people working in San Luis Obispo County. Finally, they open the homes to general public.

He says that the program seems to be working, with 88% of sales going to people who work within city limits.

"We've had a pretty good collaborative relationship with the city," Bivin said. "Lots of back and forth. Lots of trying to do what's best for everybody. And ultimately, it's about delivering homes for the people."

So far, San Luis Ranch has closed on single-family homes. Bivin estimated that multi-family homes in the community will begin to close in March or April of 2022.

"The market is good, and rates are holding good," Bivin said. "I think it's just going to get better from here on out."