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Santa Maria residents say they're dealing with more car and home burglaries

Posted at 7:06 PM, Jan 02, 2020

Community members in one Santa Maria neighborhood say their homes and cars are being targeted by thieves.

Those who live in the homes off Payton Way say they have been dealing with an increase in burglaries since October.

Multiple residents shared similar stories of attempted break-ins involving cars as well as their homes.

"It has been really bad because not once but multiple times people have tried getting into our house and especially houses around us and cars. It is just really scary because you don't know what these people could do," said Kayleen Neciso, Santa Maria Resident.

Neighbors in this Santa Maria community say they are being targeted and the problem is only getting worse.

KSBY spoke with multiple people who live in the area and they all shared similar stories.

Most said robbers try and get what they can score, committing these acts both during the day and the night.

Some homes and cars are even being targeted multiple times.

"My mom is the most affected. She can't sleep at night because she thinks they are going to come back, because my dad leaves for work in the middle of the night so it's just us by ourselves," said one resident.

The community says they filed multiple police reports with the Santa Maria Police Department.

SMPD says since October, they have taken multiple reports in the neighborhood but that there have only been three burglaries and three petty thefts.

The community says one is too many.

"It is your home, it is supposed to be your safe place. To know that people are just coming in like nothing day or night, they are not afraid to come in the day when people are home, and it clearly shows they are home. They are not afraid," said another resident.

Many members of the neighborhood said they have or will be installing security cameras at their homes.

SMPD said it is typical to see an increase in burglaries around the holidays but always recommend that if you see something, say something.