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SCAC reviews plans for Nipomo cannabis grow

Posted at 11:37 PM, Aug 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-27 12:09:55-04

The South County Advisory Council voted against a proposal to expand a cannabis grow near a Nipomo Elementary School.

The grow is located at 622 Eucalyptus Road in Nipomo, just 1,500 feet from Dorothea Lange Elementary.

The project proposal, by Nipomo Ag LLC, calls for a "Vapor-Phase Odor Neutralization System" that is designed to eliminate odors.

Many who showed up to the meeting Monday night were in support of the proposal, however those in opposition had a main concern over the chemicals that may be used to mask the cannabis smell.

One woman at the meeting who is not against the proposal says, "As long as it doesn't interrupt my quiet enjoyment of my property, I don't have an issue. I don't think school kids even if they get a wiff of a skunk smell will start jonesing for cannabis."

One man against the proposal says "I'm thinking about all of the things I have in question about this, I want to stick to the air issue though because that's why we came up here for clean air, and to me we are just destroying paradise and its not okay."

The proposal now moves onto the planning commission for discussion in September.

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