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SCE considering shutting off power to thousands in southern Santa Barbara Co.

Posted at 7:13 PM, Oct 18, 2019
SCE considering shutting off power to thousands in southern Santa Barbara Co.

As of Friday evening, Southern California Edison is reporting 24,148 customers in Santa Barbara County could experience a Public Safety Power Shutoff due to high winds and increased danger for wildfire activity.

Some of the areas that could be impacted are:

  • Santa Barbara
  • Goleta
  • Carpinteria
  • Unincorporated areas including: Orchams, El Encanto Heights, Oak Park, Samarkand, North State, Cold Springs Canyon, Gaviota, Jalama Beaech, Mission Canyon, Highway 154, El Capitan Park, Montecito, Summerland, Mibek Road, Sterrett Ave. and Foothill Ave,

Click here to check Southern California Edison's Public Safety Power Shutoff website.

"It is still under consideration and just like with everyone else, the winds change and so we are constantly monitoring the weather," said Southern California Edison Spokesperson Lois Pitter Bruce. "So depending on the weather conditions, we will determine if the shutoff is going into effect. "

Santa Barbara County health and emergency officials want to remind people to take the necessary precautions in case the power shutoff does happen.

That means having enough food, water and medications to last a couple of days.

Health officials also want to remind people to consume safe and non-expired foods.

"41 degrees and below is where perishable foods should be kept for food safety. When in doubt, throw it out and if food has been in your refrigerator and the fridge has been out of power for more than 4 hours, you probably need to discard that food," said Kendra Wise, Supervising and Environmental Health Specialist for Santa Barbara County.

For guidance on what food is consumable during a power outage, click here.

The county also encourages folks to look after their neighbors and elderly residents.

For those who rely on electrically-powered medical devices, you should have enough power to last a couple of days or find facilities that do.

"The county is also evaluating opportunities to provide electricity and Direct Relief has opened up their doors for a period of time during the public safety power shutdown should it occur," said Nick Clay, Director of Medical Services for Santa Barbara County.

Clay adds that if you need to find a hotel to ride out the outage, make sure to choose one that's not also located in a shutoff zone.