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Seasonal allergies hitting people on the Central Coast

Posted at 6:10 PM, Mar 15, 2022

Seasonal allergies are coming back with the official day of spring beginning March 20.

But even before the first day of spring, tree and grass pollens are rated as high in the area and Central Coast allergists are seeing more patients coming through their doors.

“I think it’s a little busier than usual,” said Dr. Myron Liebhaber, a Sansum Clinic Allergy and Immunology Allergist. “The trees usually begin in February, in March, and then the grass is usually in June, and all summer long and into the fall with weeds.”

Dr. Liebhaber says we’re also seeing more mold spores under dry conditions, which is unusual.

“There are some extenuating circumstances this year,” Liebhaber said. “Number one, we are in a drought, and with drought conditions, especially with global warming, we have harder and longer pollen seasons.”

The recent strong winds are adding to the struggle, blowing pollen and mold spores around in the air.

Dr. Liebhaber recommends refraining from going outside during the high pollination periods which are usually right after the sun comes up in the morning.

Patients dealing with allergy symptoms are recommended to see their primary care doctors first.

“We usually like to see patients get stabilized by their primary care physicians and then if they’re still having problems, we like to see them because we have the tools to identify what a patient is allergic to.”

For people suffering from seasonal allergies, doctors recommend getting over-the-counter allergy medications or sprays to combat the rise in pollen.