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Seemingly abandoned casket appears near the side of Highway 101

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Posted at 6:34 PM, Jul 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-11 23:47:49-04

A bone-chilling sight in the middle of sunny San Luis Obispo on Sunday, passersby noted an abandoned casket near Highway 101 by the Santa Rosa overpass.

"I was like wait a second that’s a coffin that’s not supposed to be there and I kinda just screamed out in the car, that's a coffin!" recalled Kelsey Childs, a San Luis Obispo resident.

Crossing her fingers that there was not a body inside, Childs posted some up-close pictures on social media. Soon the pictures exploded, and people couldn’t help but theorize how it ended up there.

"It definitely looked like it was used whether it was buried or wherever it definitely had some wear and tear," said Childs.

Imaginations ran wild, questions swirled. The most common question, was there anyone in there? Well reality, is not as Hollywood as people were speculating.

According to CHP, it belonged to a pedestrian and when they made contact with her she was pushing it along the side of the highway.

"After speaking to the pedestrian, we realized she was part of the transient community here in San Luis Obispo. She came across it in a dump pile outside of a building that was being refurnished and part of her statement was that it was given to her by construction crews who said it was going to be thrown out and at that point she just took possession of it," explained CHP Officer Miguel Alvarez.

According to a post by the San Luis Obispo Police Department, they also were aware of the uncanny item rolling around the streets, confirming yep it’s a coffin, but nope, there was no one inside it. Something a good chunk of community members were wondering themselves, including the officer tasked with giving it a peak.

CHP collaborated with SLOPD and the sheriff's department to confirm there were no missing or stolen caskets in the last couple of days.

As for where exactly the casket came from before it came into the woman’s possessions, authorities were not sure. The casket now sits right out of view from drivers but according to CHP, the woman plans to sell it.