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Sidewalk and street repairs underway in Grover Beach thanks to Measure K

The city of Grover Beach has completed 14 Measure K-14 projects. All thanks to a $48 million bond measure passed in 2014 focused on localized street improvements.
Posted at 6:27 PM, Apr 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-12 22:57:33-04

Roeh Caramadre is taking in the sun and enjoying a break from construction off of Seabright Ave. and South 9th Street in Grover Beach.

“I do a lot of yoga here and so it is a little noisier, but I think, you know, once it’s done it will be much nicer to spend some time outdoors,” Caramadre said.

That intersection is getting a new sidewalk.

“In the two and a half years we've lived in this corner location, I think we've seen four or five different constructions. They paved one road, they haven't quite paved this road,” Caramadre explained. “There's a lot of areas here where there is surprisingly no sidewalks, so there'd been a lot of really cool improvements.”

The City of Grover Beach has completed 14 Measure K-14 projects. They're the result of a $48 million bond measure passed in 2014 focused on localized street improvements. Project number 15 is currently underway. Drivers and residents can expect construction on the following intersections:

  • North 6th Street, Ocean View Avenue to Charles Street 
  • South 7th Street, Mentone Avenue to Farroll Road 
  • South 7th Street, Seabright Avenue to Trouville Avenue 
  • South 7th Street, Rockaway Avenue to Longbranch Avenue 
  • South 10th Street, Rockaway Avenue to Longbranch Avenue 
  • Manhattan Avenue, South 3rd Street to South 4th Street 
  • Seabright Avenue, South 4th Street to South 5th Street  
  • Seabright Avenue, South 9th Street to South 12th Street 
  • Charles Street, Margarita Avenue to Ocean View Avenue 

Glenda Viera said she is happy about the sidewalk improvements because it’s a matter of safety. She said she usually has to walk with her daughters on the street due to the lack of sidewalks, especially near Rockaway Avenue and South 7th St.
The City of Grover Beach said it has invested about $4 million in street repairs every year over the past seven years. Design is underway for projects 16 and 17. So far, the city has spent $28 million for both repairs and maintenance of 260 blocks.

“We see a lot of people biking and walking all the time, so it'll be really nice when everything is paved because then, you know, people can kind of walk on the sidewalk more linearly than they've been able to,” Caramadre said.

The next steps for project 15 include surface treatment which is scheduled for the week of May 15, 2023.

For a full list of streets impacted by projects 16 and 17, click here.