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SLO chocolatier offers sweet spin on charcuterie, sees major demand

Posted at 10:12 AM, Aug 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-11 13:12:21-04

A San Luis Obispo chocolatier has a tasty twist on charcuterie boards, which have been taking social media by storm.

Sheila Kearns Chocolate and Confections, which is located on Marsh Street in San Luis Obispo, is offering a sweet spin on the usual meat, cheese, and cracker platter.

Kearns started offering her chocolate charcuterie boards Friday and she's already received more than 100 orders in just four days.

She said the move to chocolate charcuterie was inspired by the pandemic.

"Not knowing how much inventory to make, especially perishable items like ganache, we knew we had to pivot," Kearns said. "We just decided to take a leap of faith. There's a niche with the social distancing picnics and it just offers something quite a bit different than what anyone else is doing."

Chocolate covered nuts and floral bars of chocolate surround chocolate-dipped fruits. Kearns said she's working closely with local creameries and produce growers to ensure her boards are entirely locally sourced.

Kearns said she's even received orders from celebrity sweet tooths, including a well-known screen actor and a high profile singer. She said she couldn't disclose the names of her famous customers.

Pricing for the boards has yet to be posted but Kearns said that information would be available by Wednesday.