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SLO man rejects plea deal in connection to police chief's missing gun

Posted at 11:34 PM, May 27, 2020

The man whose home was searched last summer in connection to the San Luis Obispo police chief's missing gun has rejected a plea deal, his attorney says.

Cheyne Orndoff and his wife, Vanessa Bedroni, were arrested during the July 2019 search even though it was determined he did not take the chief's gun that she had left in the restroom of a San Luis Obispo restaurant that same day.

Police said during the search they found drugs and drug paraphernalia in the 'filthy' home and the couple was subsequently charged with felony child endangerment.

Orndoff's attorney, Jason Dufurrena, said the search was unlawful and as a result, Orndoff plans to sue the City of San Luis Obispo. As KSBY previously reported, when police searched the home, they were acting on probation information because police generally have the authority to search the home of a probationer without a search warrant; however, it was later determined the probation information was apparently entered into the database by mistake.

In February of this year, court records show Orndoff was arrested on new drug charges in Morro Bay.

Following that arrest, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney offered to remove the child endangerment charges if the couple pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug charges, including 60 days of jail time, four years probation, fines and fees, and counseling and education classes, according to Dufurrena.

"We have discussed potential resolution with {the} defense, but so far the defendants have not agreed to our recommended disposition," Assistant District Attorney Eric Dobroth told KSBY News.

Orndoff's attorney told KSBY News his client rejected the offer, in part, because it would have prevented Orndoff from moving forward with his civil case against the City.

"It was law enforcement being unfair and heavy handed once again with him, so it was an easy 'no,'" said Dufurrena.

The man who did find the police chief's gun in the restaurant's restroom came forward and turned it in the next day. No charges were filed.

Ornoff is due back in court June 23.