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SLO sisters start up weekly live trivia on Instagram, partner with local businesses

Posted at 4:39 AM, May 29, 2020

Born in the "quarantine season," Kelly Paonessa and her sister Christina are hosting live trivia from home every Sunday night.

"For me, just spending hours and hours scrolling through Instagram," Kelly said. "And I wanted to partner with local and small businesses that I was afraid might close their doors and give them an opportunity to let people know they were open."

It also gives people stuck at home a chance to be in a collective, albeit online, space together.

Slocal Score -- pronounced 'local' with an S -- is available for anyone in San Luis Obispo County to join in on Instagram Live.

The sisters have several prizes each week. Everything from gift cards to restaurants to unique handmade prizes from other businesses.

You join in live and they select a contestant at random who will receive a question. Answer it correctly and you win the prize.

"What we're trying to do is just give something fun for everyone to do while they're sitting at home. But also gain the attention of other small businesses that are in this area that you miss out on or never heard of before."

Kelly says more people are joining every week, looking for a chance to have fun and win.

"People are loving it. It's a chance to connect people virtually. It puts people on the spot [to come up with an answer]. It's just really fun."

Businesses too, Kelly says, are finding it to be a helpful way of getting word of mouth out about their offerings.

The duo, including fill-in co-host and sister Katie, plan on continuing trivia nights past the "quarantine season."

You can join in on the fun by following Slocal Score on Instagram here. Trivia begins at 6 p.m. every Sunday.