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Social media scams becoming a bigger issue for many users

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Posted at 6:17 PM, Apr 13, 2023

The vast majority of scams happen online, according to the Better Business Bureau, and more people are falling victim.

“I haven't been scammed myself, but I know a couple of friends that have been scammed online," said San Luis Obispo resident Quincy Bradley.

“The number of scams reported have increased about 87% from online sources and a big chunk of that from social media like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, these kinds of places. So we've seen a tremendous rise," said Richard Copelan, Better Business Bureau President/CEO.

The rise in such scams has many social media users keeping a watchful eye over their feeds.

“I'm pretty careful myself. I know that you can get tricked pretty easily, so I make sure that it's all legitimate," Bradley added.

The Better Business Bureau has a database of scams that have been reported all throughout the country.

“You can filter them by type of scam, you can see what kinds of scams are being reported in your own local area, which is always kind of interesting," Copelan said.

 Whether you’re buying or selling through a social media platform, Copelan says you should always do your homework beforehand.

Here are a few tips from the agency:

  • Think about what the person is asking you for.
  • How long has the person had the social media account?
  • Do they have any information on their profile?
  • Avoid providing any personal information if possible.
  • The most preferred method is to meet in person for transactions.

Consumers should report suspicious posts straight to the social media platform. They can also notify the Better Business Bureau.