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Solvang's annual Christmas tree burn was hot

Posted at 8:58 PM, Jan 03, 2020

The annual Solvang Christmas tree burn happened Friday evening.

It's been a Solvang tradition for 30 years, and while it is one way to dispose of your Christmas tree, it also serves as an educational opportunity especially when it comes to fire safety.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department facilitates the event along with the city of Solvang to show residents what can happen if your tree were to catch fire.

All week long Santa Ynez Valley residents have been dropping off their Christmas trees at Old Mission Santa Ines.

"I've been here many years... I've lived here nine, ten years now and have probably done it every single year," said Nicholas Picon, a Solvang resident.

Fire crews were on hand to make sure the event was executed safely and went according to plan.