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Some not happy about Pismo Beach parking lot proposal

Posted at 5:48 PM, Apr 16, 2021

Opposition to a parking lot project in the downtown area in Pismo Beach is getting public attention.

The privately-owned homes from 320-334 Main Street where the parking lot is being proposed have been part of a discussion for a while now, but the owners and tenants are opposed to the idea, saying they don't plan on going anywhere.

"My kids grew up here, this is their beach house. It always has been and we plan for it to always be,” said David Bemis, who is one of the property owners.

According to city officials, parking has been a major issue impacting the quality of life and they want to mitigate that.

This is why the council is set to discuss a relocation plan for those who are currently living there if they were to be relocated.

"Now the decision is, if we were to acquire the properties, what services, what financial assistance would we be making for not only the property owner but more importantly for the tenants,” said Jorge Garcia, City of Pismo management services director.

Juliette Kussman and Michael have been living in one of the properties for more than 20 years and say the thought of leaving is hard on them.

"Just to relocate us... I mean and tear our house down is... it's devastating,” Kussman said.

Others saying the relocation plan won't be enough.

"This is a great location, there's no way that the city could possibly compensate us by relocating us into anything comparable.. at all,” tenant Larry Rhodes said.

City officials add they are trying to work with the owners of the property to make sure the relocation plans match the needs of every party involved.

"The relocation plan does not mean that we are acquiring. It simply means that if we do acquire, these are the resources that would be made available,” Garcia said.

The City Council is set to meet next Tuesday to discuss the relocation plan.

Those interested in joining for public input can click here.