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Some private schools in San Luis Obispo Co. are reopening classrooms

Posted at 6:58 PM, Aug 27, 2020

A dozen private schools around San Luis Obispo County have been granted waivers that allow in-person instruction for T-K through sixth-grade.

North County Christian School is one of a handful of private schools around San Luis Obispo County that have re-opened their classrooms. School officials say the process was not easy but worth it.

Teachers and students are now having to wear face masks and social distance throughout the school day.

North County Christian School administrator Ken Hutchinson says the process was difficult at first.

"A little bit complicated at first but I have to commend the County Health Department for making it a lot easier," Hutchinson said.

San Luis Obispo County has approved waivers for 12 schools so far.

School officials we spoke with say they were eager to welcome kids back this week.

Coastal Christian School in Pismo Beach also has some new additions like outside classroom tents.

"It was a big investment for us. Not only financially for all the PPE materials but we also invested in some more personnel,” said the head of Coastal Christian School, Tom Olmstead.

An extensive Health & Safety Plan made by schools around the county that administrators say kids are adjusting to.

"We are going to see some kids who have been here for a long time get used to a new normal and it's going to take a little while, I'm sure, to adjust to the training," Olmstead said.

As students continue to adjust to this new normal, administrators continue to stay positive.

"A lot of adjustments, a lot of getting used to, but I think it's going very well even this early on," Hutchinson said.

Santa Barbara County Health officials recently announced they would start allowing schools to apply for waivers as well. So far, six schools have applied.