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Students gear up to head back to school

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Posted at 12:28 PM, Aug 09, 2021

After a year of learning in pajamas, parents and students are restocking their backpacks and coordinating their first-day outfits.

One mother of three, Kim Kusko, said, “The magic of school shopping is when you find something that you both like.”

Many Central Coast schools start classes this month, and for many, this is the first time they’re going on campus at a new school since the pandemic began.

The head of Old Mission School in San Luis Obispo said different teachers may require different materials.

“Depending on the grade, they're going to have different things and we have TK through eighth grade so there's a lot of different supplies depending on their grade level,” said Principal Shirley Gray.

She says the class supply lists will have the usual items, but students will also need to bring masks and hand sanitizer.

“There's the normal things - notebooks and pens and pencils, crayons and markers, glue sticks - all of those normal elements they need and then there's the Kleenex and paper towels and things to help in the classroom,” Gray added.

We went online and picked out all of the items on the list for a third-grader at Old Mission School, and the total came to almost $80.

Old Mission School starts Wednesday, August 18.