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Templeton High sisters excel at drag racing

Posted at 6:27 PM, Apr 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-19 21:27:23-04

Maddi and Macie Gordon have followed their father’s footsteps by competing in drag racing.

16-year-old Maddi and 15-year-old Macie have been competing since they were eight years old.

Maddi Gordon said, “I’ve just loved it from the get-go, I guess you could say it’s in my blood.”

Their father, Doug Gordon, won a drag race national title in 2020.

Macie Gordon said, “He’s taught us everything we need to know. We’re still learning of course, and our mom has been our supporter.”

Doug Gordon said, “We started off going to a couple races a year just as a little fun thing and we’ve turned it into this massive program where we’ve got four cars and we’re driving all over the place.”

Christina Gordon did not grow up drag racing, however, her family’s passion for racing has allowed her to jump into the competitive spirit.

Christina Gordon said, “For Doug and I, when we run the cars against each other, that’s pretty fun because we’re on the other side of the lane looking at each other saying I’ve got you. I feel bad as a mom because I want my car to win. Whichever kid you put in that seat, that’s the one I’m rooting for.”

Doug has won five regional championships in addition to his national title.

Maddi has won two division titles and Macie has won three.

The sisters often compete against each other, however, it only brings them closer together.

Maddi Gordon said, “It’s been the best thing ever, we’re best friends. We’ve been everywhere together and it’s been amazing.”

Macie Gordon said, “It’s so awesome being with her, she’s my number one supporter, I’m her number one supporter.”

In addition to racing, Maddi and Macie have a passion for fabrication and metal.

The sisters hope to one day open their own custom fabrication business together.