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The 35th annual Paso Robles Thanksgiving Event expected to hand out 1,300 free meals to those in need

Posted at 9:29 PM, Nov 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-29 01:37:54-05
The 35th annual Paso Robles Thanksgiving Event expected to hand out 1,300 free meals to those in need

People across the central coast are celebrating what they are thankful for this holiday, and today marked the 35th annual Paso Robles Thanksgiving event.

Plates full of mouth watering food made their way from the kitchen, to the tables where people were waiting to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Food, friends, and family... that's what the Paso Robles Thanksgiving Event is all about.

"I liked the mashed potatoes," said Grace Hoeksema, who is visiting California.

The many volunteers who put on the event for the 35th time were estimating to serve 1,300 meals.

Dana LaCurans has volunteered for four years now at the event. She said while she doesn't have her biological family near by... she has found family within her community.

"You want to sit there and say I only volunteer to give away... but I'm not going to lie I get something out of it too. I feel amazing when I leave here," said LaCuran.

Event organizers had multiple ways of getting a yummy Thanksgiving dinner to those in need.

Community members and visitors came and ate in the dining hall, which is set up like a real restaurant.

"Double ham... extra turkey... extra gravy… no cranberries- whatever it may be and then of course pie at the end," said Jennifer Knoll, member of the Steering Committee.

"We were surprised to see that there was wait service and people in bow ties and looking really nice in there," said attendee Katherine Hoeksema.

Volunteers even delivered meals to those at home who could not make it to the park.

According to Knoll the key ingredient to putting on the event are the volunteers.

"A lot of them have been volunteering for 20 years and it all just comes together. What is really cool is that this now is a tradition for a lot of families... to come and enjoy our home cooked meals and also to come and help," said Knoll.

The organizations involved also took food to the Echo Shelter in Atascadero.