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The historic rock arch on Spooner's Cove collapses after decades of being there

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jan 01, 2022

On Christmas Eve, locals near the Montana de Oro State Park, started reporting the collapse of the historic rock arch on Spooner's Cove.

The iconic rock arch located on Spooner's Cove in Montana de Oro was hard to miss. The landmark had been the picture-perfect spot for local residents and tourists for decades.

“We’ve been coming here since the ’60s," said local resident, Helena Yungbluth.

The SLO Tribune reported that the California State Parks Department told them the collapse of the arch was likely due to heavy surf after a series of winter storms hit the Central Coast.

“It had a great place to take pictures, you could stand in the arch, it was curved around and came down to a point. I guess the point got weak and the weather took a toll on it and it’s gone," said Yungbluth.

Now that the landmark is gone, vistors said it will be missed.

“It’s actually kind of sad, I’m really sad that it’s gone it really outlaid the area heavily," said park visitor Jacob Lyons. "I look at that and that’s what I think when I think about Montana de Oro, but now it just looks like the rest of the walls."

Park visitors said a rock arch like this is unique, and they do not think another one will form any time soon.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so, I think it’s an old geological form that the waves formed and unfortunately, it’s no longer with us," said Tim Bradbrook.

“Probably eroded over time," said Laura Bradbrook.

Despite the arch being gone, it has created an opportunity for families and locals to remember memories made and look back on the pictures taken.