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Trash clean-up started bright and early at Pismo Beach on Monday

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Posted at 5:32 PM, Jul 05, 2021

It was a busy Fourth of July for some beaches on the Central Coast. Places like Pismo Beach saw huge crowds for their fireworks show.

As a result of the crowds, Pismo Beach employees were out bright and early in the morning to clean up and make sure the beach was clear of trash for those who came to visit on Monday.

"Oh yeah, we were here at 5:30 this morning and we were on the street at Addy St. parking lot first thing just before 6 o'clock,” said Pismo Beach employee Chad Stoehr.

Things like wrappers, leftover food, cigarette butts, and much more were picked up throughout the beach.

It was a team effort to ensure those who came to the beach Monday were greeted with a clean experience.

Although the area did see some pretty steady crowds on Monday, the Fourth of July was an extremely busy day for many businesses near the pier

"Our bike rentals were tremendous. We had a really fun day. All my employees put in 12 to 14 hours, made lots of money in overtime," said Bill Bookout, Pismo Beach Bike Rentals owner.

According to the City of Pismo Beach, a grand total of 120 yards of trash was picked up.

"That's amazing, there must have been a serious party last night then, that's for sure, wow, But no, it looks great, it looks beautiful today,” said Joe Sanfilippo, a San Jose resident.

Others who were visiting for the day also had similar opinions.

"It was really clean when we got here. We got here around like 10 and the beach was so clean. We didn't see any trash so they must have really done a great job with cleaning up,” said San Jose resident Kimberly Hernandez.

City employees were out throughout the day picking up trash to maintain the area around the pier and the beach.