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Ventura County man wins $138K poker jackpot at Chumash Casino Resort

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Posted at 3:43 PM, Jul 31, 2023

A Ventura County man won a nearly $138,000 jackpot by way of an ‘unforgettable hand’ in four-card poker at the Chumash Casino Resort on July 26, a resort spokesperson announced Monday.

The guest, whose name was listed only as Don W., drew a royal flush in four-card poker while also betting on a special $1 side wager. That qualified him for the “Multi-Progressive Table Games” jackpot, the Chumash Casino Resort press release said.

“I opened the hand and did a double-take, and then turned to my wife and said, ‘Look what I’ve got!’” Don said, according to the press release. “She asked me, ‘What does it pay, $2,000?’ I said, ‘No, look up there — $137,000!’ She about fell over.”

Don's exact winnings came out to $137,921.

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A multi-progressive jackpot is a table games pit promotion that awards the winning guest the jackpot which had been accruing from previous guests' losing $1 side wagers.

Don and his wife said the money will probably be divided up between their seven grandkids and eight great-grandkids, according to the release.

Don’s wife, who was seated next to him and was also in the hand, won a $1,000 “envy bonus” for placing a $1 side wager.

It’s the second time these two have hit a jackpot at Chumash.

“When my wife won a $35,000 jackpot 10 years ago, it was a total shock,” Don said according to the release. “We left right away and installed new windows on our house. And now this. Great entertainment for us.”

A different Ventura County man won a record $1.36 million jackpot in early June — the largest in the casino's history.

Just over a month prior, that same man won a $556,000 jackpot.

Chumash Casino Resort is a 21-and-over facility.