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Weed abatement inspections start this week in Paso Robles

Weed abatement happening in Paso Robles
Posted at 11:38 AM, May 05, 2022

This week, the City of Paso Robles is starting inspections for weed abatement. Every lot in Paso Robles will be inspected to see if they meet standards to protect residents and their neighbors from wildfires.

“So weed abatement is our opportunity to kind of make sure that the weeds don't get out of control, keep those small fires small, and try and prevent property loss in the event that there ever is a wildfire,” said Capt. John Prickett, Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services.

Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services recommends that residents:

  • Keep grass and weeds to a maximum height of four inches
  • Clear all hazardous vegetation, including dead leaves and brush
  • Remove excess trash, wood, and other combustibles from the property
  • Clearance should be a minimum of 50 feet in width around a parcel from any roadway, 10 feet from any driveway, and a minimum of 100 feet around buildings

“So what we teach people is that keeping your weeds at about four inches height and giving clearances along driveways of about ten feet, even off of roadways, and then giving your house an opportunity to survive that ember cast from a fire,” Capt. Prickett said.

No one is charged for the inspection and people whose lots are not compliant will get a courtesy notice. If a lot is still not in compliance after a second inspection, the city will send in a contractor.

Randy Harris, the Battalion Chief and Fire Marshal for the City of Paso Robles, said, “What happens is after June 1st, there's a last inspection done and then from there it goes to public abatement. The public abatement that is done, they recoup the contractor costs plus staff time and associated times with that.”