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While summer usually means higher gas prices, this year may be different

Posted at 6:44 PM, May 04, 2023

Your next trip to the gas station may not be as painful as it’s been in previous weeks.

According to GasBuddy data, U.S. gas prices fell for the first time in four weeks and experts predict a downward trend to continue in the coming months.

“I drive a lot for work, so it definitely cut into my budget. So I had to factor it in more than I would have to before with the amount I'm driving, where I'm driving," said Bryan Silva, San Luis Obispo resident.

Aside from his daily commute, Silva is also a rideshare driver, adding to his gas bill.

“It is a big expense. It's a bill you don't see as like as rent or a mortgage, but it is. I pay it every single week," Silva added.

Drivers are encouraged to hear that prices may continue to fall.

“I'm super excited because I commute to work and anytime I can save money in this economy, it's a win-win situation, especially for us in the state of California," said Julie Putt, San Diego resident.

Experts say gas prices typically peak in May and June but lower demand and a weakening oil market could keep prices down.

Last June, the country saw a record high of around $5.02 a gallon. We could see the national average drop to around $3.50 by June, according to AAA.
In San Luis Obispo County, the average price for regular gas is $5.13. A year ago, it was $5.96.

In Santa Barbara County, the average price for regular gas is $4.87. A year ago, it was $5.82.

According to AAA, California has the most expensive gas prices followed by Hawaii.